Easy Christmas Tree Wall Decor

No room in your apartment for that festive Christmas tree? Then mount it on the wall! Here are five awesome DIY ideas.

1. I suppose this washi tape and clothespin combo was meant to be an Advent calendar. But hey, it works just as well as a Christmas tree! Use the clips to hold your gifts – perfect space saver! (Image via Stjernestunder on Pinterest)

christmas tree decor 1

2. Dreaming of a modern Christmas? The driftwood tree below fits the bill. (via A Creative Mint)

christmas tree decor 4

3. Make rectangles from sheets of white paper and secure them with black washi tape. Even the most novice crafter will look like a pro with this project. (Image via Decofilia on Pinterest)

christmas tree decor 2

4. These star-shaped biscuits were baked longer than needed to make them as hard as rocks. Be sure to let Santa know that they are not for him to eat or you’d end up on the naughty list year after year. (via Kotivinkki)

christmas tree decor 35. If you really must experience the thrill of decorating a tree, then this one is for you: a nice Christmas tree photo adorned with paper trimmings. Just skip the Christmas lights. (via The Curious Cupcake)

christmas tree decor 5

Stay tuned for more clever Christmas decorating ideas! Or like my Facebook page so that you don’t miss out on the fun.


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