Handmade Delights at the Castelldefels Medieval Fair

Exciting times for the city of Castelldefels this weekend, with the annual Medieval Fair (Castrum Fidelis or Feria Medieval) in full swing! The fair opened last Thursday and will run until tomorrow.


The whole ambiance takes you back to the Middle Ages: the flags bearing medieval icons; the booths clothed in dark fabrics; the vendors dressed up in tunics and robes.


The Medieval Fair wouldn’t be complete without the Birds of Prey exposition. In the afternoon, kids and adults alike gather in the plaza to see crows, owls and falcons up close.


Here’s a closer look at one of the falcons. The hood looks creepy :)


We like looking at the owls, but we like it better when they look at us. This owl is different from the one I saw last year.


Apart from the fancy atmosphere, the Medieval Fair is also popular for handmade goods. During this time, the plazas and streets are filled with stalls offering artisanal food, accessories, decorations, toys, and so much more.

We came across a booth with items depicting the land of the fairies. Artist Cristina de Arcos makes the illustrations, then transfers them onto wooden boxes and purses. They’re perfect for holding fairy dust. Or even ordinary things :)

P1250022b P1250021b

Cristina’s mother is also an artisan. She creates these adorable crocheted stuffed toys known as amigurumi in Japanese. See Grover somewhere in the middle of the photo? He’s called Coco in Barrio Sésamo, Spain’s version of Sesame Street.


They’re all so cute! The red and yellow striped flag attached to these cactus dolls, by the way, is the flag of Catalunya. Castelldefels is in the province of Barcelona and Barcelona is part of the region of Catalunya.


You can see more of her amigurumi dolls here, and Cristina’s fairy-theme creations here

As with our visit last year, we went to the fair mainly for the food. But before heading home, I bought a handmade leather shoulder bag from this booth. I’ve been wanting to get one since I saw these bags from last year’s fair.


I’m glad the sellers participated again this year.


We also bought a chocolate bar. If you have been reading (or at least have chanced upon) my other blog, then you would know that I have a soft spot for beautiful packaging. These organic chocolates were wrapped in ribbed white pattern paper with colored pencil drawings at the front.


The simple but elegant packaging was calling my name – how could I say no? (Never mind that chocolates give me migraines.) We chose the dark chocolate with orange (bottom left corner on the picture below). It smelled wonderful!


So that’s it for our fair adventures today. Hope you liked this post! 

Let your friends know about this tradition in Castelldefels, Spain. Share via the social media links below! :D


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