DIY Christmas Wreath Ideas

First of all, a big thanks to those who read my post on DIY Christmas tree wall decors! The statistics have been very encouraging. I think that the holidays really bring out the crafters in all of us :)

The DIY love continues on today’s post with five Christmas wreaths that you can make at home. Let’s get started!

1. What can you do with the holiday cards collected from family and friends over the years? Use them on the wreath with the help of wire and cable cord. (via CB2)

wreath 1   

2. Add an embroidery hoop to your wreath and you get twice the fun. (via Northstory)

wreath 7

3. Can’t settle on one design? Go for a chalkboard wreath: you can change the design as often as you wish! (via

wreath 2

4. Make something extraordinary out of the ordinary. There is magic in simple clothespins, beads and wire. (via Gwenny Penny)

wreath 6

5. This wicker wreath with paper leaves gives just the right amount of rustic charm. (via Sinnenrausch)

wreath 3

Merry Christmas crafting!

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