Hello, hello! My name is Alice. I like cute and pretty things. On my blog you will find inspiring party ideas along with neat and easy DIY projects. I also have a weakness for lovely stationery and typography, and fab handmade goodies. Do these things make you tingle with excitement, too? I bet they do!

Just recently, I started documenting on the blog my experiences in Castelldefels such as the art lessons I’m taking, the fairs that I’ve visited, and the like.

I also have another blog, Denim and Gray, which features my favorite things in fashion, design and the arts.

Besides blogging, I run a couple of shops on Etsy: Pomelo Lab and Studio Saragossa. I sell printable wall art, invitations, thank you cards and such – all designed with love :)

Elsewhere, you can find me on Twitter which is mainly linked to my Denim and Gray blog. You can also follow along on Facebook for new blog posts – and stories that are not on the blog!

Thank you for your visit and hope to see you again soon! 

Update 29/12/2013: I just opened an account on Instagram! Let’s follow each other, shall we? :D


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