What can you do with chalkboard? Let me count the ways.






Photo booth props




Serving platter


Red Rustic Christmas

Red Rustic Christmas

1. A cherry-topped dessert in mason jars gives a holiday party that special touch (via) | 2. Place hollies in vintage glass bottles and cover the stems with paper straws (via Pinterest) | 3. Gingham napkins (via)| 4. Mix cranberry, apple, ginger and ice to create a holiday punch and serve drinks in a crate (via) | 5. Food favors are the best (via)

A Little Gir’s Red and White Birthday Party


An adorable Scandinavian-inspired birthday celebration { via }

Small Scandinavian-inspired Red and White Party by Hello Pomelo

1. Beautiful white chocolate mousse cake by clickoncake { via }

2. Red and white candles { via }

3. Serve drinks in plastic milk bottles – colorful paper straws a plus { via }

4.  Handcrafted bamboo dish by Ikea

5. Crisp white porcelain cake stand { via }

6. Don’t forget the sweets, like these Marianne candies from Finnish brand Fazer { via }

7. Assorted paper napkins by Ikea

8. Favor bags { via }

9. Wooden picnic table { via }

Black and White Halloween Dessert Table

Stylish black and white dessert table ideas by Hello Pomelo

Celebrate Halloween in style.

A. One delightfully original dessert table { via }

B. Broste Copenhagen candleholder

C. Leonardo cake tray

D. Salt & Pepper three-tier server

E. Bunting from a Thanksgiving party { via }

F. Zara picture frame

G. Salt & Pepper mini bowls

H. Ikea wooden table

I. Modern eclectic candy spread { via }

Halloween Party Bites

Quick and easy Halloween Food compiled by Hello Pomelo

Quick, easy and, above all, not spooky.  Perfect for the little ones and the scaredy-cats.

1. These cinnamon tortilla pumpkins  are clever { via }

2. Wheat bread +  mozzarella cheese + marshmallow + raisin = one yummy  mummy { via }

3. Buy a cupcake and stick in a Pepperidge Farm Milano cookie to create a tomb { via }

4. Quite sophisticated for witches’ brooms, I must say { via }

5. Jello in a Jack-O-Lantern { via ? }