A Gift for Me!

Look at this charming present I got this morning!

It was made by Adriana, one of the most talented people I know. She teaches pottery, bookbinding and calligraphy here in Castelldefels. (Yes, what can she NOT do? She’s a genius!) I helped her and a colleague put up a blog last month, and the notebook was her way of thanking me. While the work that I did on their blog was only minimal (it was more of helping them open an account, upload photos and such), I’m just happy to have received this gift. It’s beautiful! I’m thinking of using it for my sketches and design ideas. Thanks, Adriana! It was really sweet of you!

gift 2

gift 3

gift 1
Have you received a gift lately? What did you like most about it? :)


Drawing and Painting Class: Day 1

Yesterday was my first day in drawing and painting class at the historical Torre Climent Savall (Torreón Mediterraneo) in Castelldefels. The tower used to be one of the defense points of the city during the Middle Ages but nowadays, its basement and first two floors serve as the studio for the various art lessons given by the Associació Cultural Torreó Mediterrá. (More on that story soon!)

Our first lesson was all about composition. I was asked to do a quick sketch of the jar, bottle and flowers on a scratch paper. My initial composition was quite unsuccessful: it was small and lopsided. My second attempt, which you can see on the photo as the sheet of paper clipped to the board – was much better. It was big and centered. But it was so big that I had to omit the flowers in my composition!

charcoal 1

Then the real work began. I was taught how to shade using charcoal and kneaded eraser. The techniques are not entirely new to me, having been part of the art class back in high school. But, boy, that was 17 years ago! It wouldn’t be surprising then that, yesterday, it felt like I was holding a charcoal for the first time in my life!

After about two hours of coloring, smudging and erasing, this is what my finished work looked like. My instructor sprayed fixative on it so that the charcoal won’t smear.

charcoal 2

As my husband and I were walking back home, an old lady asked him where he got his calendar. We both looked at what he was holding – it was my charcoal drawing which she mistook for a calendar. Well, if my artwork is good enough for a calendar, then it’s good enough for me ;) 

For drawing and painting lessons, you may contact the instructor, Óscar Letxuga, at 664 521 924 or via e-mail: oscarecar@hotmail.com. You may also get in touch with the coordinators Teresa de Juan at 650 913 126 or Adriana Silva at 665 823 565.

Handmade Delights at the Castelldefels Medieval Fair

Exciting times for the city of Castelldefels this weekend, with the annual Medieval Fair (Castrum Fidelis or Feria Medieval) in full swing! The fair opened last Thursday and will run until tomorrow.


The whole ambiance takes you back to the Middle Ages: the flags bearing medieval icons; the booths clothed in dark fabrics; the vendors dressed up in tunics and robes.


The Medieval Fair wouldn’t be complete without the Birds of Prey exposition. In the afternoon, kids and adults alike gather in the plaza to see crows, owls and falcons up close.


Here’s a closer look at one of the falcons. The hood looks creepy :)


We like looking at the owls, but we like it better when they look at us. This owl is different from the one I saw last year.


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